Goldhawk director joins Panoply Media as head of scripted content

Panoply Media has hired Goldhawk director John Dryden to lead a new division dedicated to creating scripted programming of both the comedy and drama.

Dryden has served as the director and head writer for there BBC drama TUMANBAY, He also served as the executive producer and director of one of Panoply’s first scripted programs, LIFEAFTER.

“We feel that podcasting has given new life to a great art form, one that has been largely ignored in the U.S. for decades. Audio drama allows us to tell complex stories in exciting ways, and more efficiently than on TV or in films,” said chief content officer Andy Bowers. “We plan to experiment with a wide variety of stories and genres, and we’re thrilled to be led in these efforts by John Dryden, someone with decades of experience creating award-winning audio fiction in the U.K.”

Dryden is a Peabody winner as producer and direct of another radio program, THE DAY THAT LEHMAN DIED, a behind-the-scenes look at the financial institution right before its collapse. When he accepted the award, Dryden described it as “an endorsement for radio drama, long may it be cherished.




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