Dickens & India – Mutual Friends

BBC World Service, 7th-11th February 2012

To celebrate the bicentenary of Charles Dickens’ birth, writer Ayeesha Menon explores India’s love affair with Dickens in this two-part documentary for BBC World Service.


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Photographs by Nicola Barranger


Lucinda Hawksley… writer, lecturer and great great great grand daughter of Charles Dickens
Swati Mittal…  theatre director who adapted “Great Expectations” to Hindi
Lipi Sarma… High School teacher in Calcutta
Mark Tully… the voice of India on BBC Radio
Sarayu Srivatsa… architect and writer of fiction and non-fiction
Jerry Pinto… poet, journalist and lecturer
Sr. Ananda Amritmahal… Head of English, Sophia College, Mumbai
Jaya Kanori… Lecturer on Post-Colonial Literature, Sophia College, Mumbai
Nalika Briganza… student at Sophia College, Mumbai
Students of the Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai
Prof. Gauri Viswanathan… Class of 1933 Professor of the Humanities at Columbia University, New York
Prof. Vijay Madge… Founder of the Dickens Fellowship in Pune

Production Manager in India: Adele DePenha

Production Manager in the UK: Sarah Tombling

Producer: Nicola Barranger

You can listen to the radio documentary via iPlayer here or download a podcast here.





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