Lee Halpin, an aspiring young journalist, went to live on the streets of Newcastle to investigate homelessness…

He never came home…

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9th December 2013 – BBC Radio 4

As part of an application for an investigative journalism apprenticeship on Channel Four’s “Dispatches” programme, 26 year old Lee Halpin decided to tell the story of the recent rise in homelessness by sleeping rough on the streets of Newcastle. The job advert had asked applicants for an example of a “fearless approach to a story”.

He set out with a cameraman on 1st April 2013, one of the coldest weeks of the year, informing only five people of his plans, forgoing a phone and other luxuries in his pursuit for authenticity.

Through intimate interviews with the people who knew him, and dramatic reconstructions, FEARLESS pieces together Lee’s last known movements.

BBC Programme Page

BBC News Magazine - Producer, Gemma Newby’s article

Cast: Lee Halpin - Billy Jeffries, Chris -Neil Grainger, Hayley - Meghan Doyle, Danny - Chris Connel, Pete  - Donald McBride, Lenny - Alan Renwick, Margo - Jackie Phillips, Cyrenian worker - Jackie Phillips

Production: Sound Design – Eloise Whitmore, Script Editor – Mike Walker, Executive Producer – John Dryden

Produced and Directed by Gemma Newby

A Goldhawk production for BBC Radio 4


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  1. Tony Wingate says:

    brilliant production,enjoyed very much,I am involved with ‘The Connection’ at Trafalgar Sq. And still find so many think the H’less have all chosen their way of living.Not so there are many on streets through circumstances which might one day strike us. Sad loss of Lees life this programme is his memorial.God bless him. Tony.

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