A three-part thriller from award-winning writer/director JOHN DRYDEN set around a devastating worldwide viral outbreak.

BBC Radio 4

“Radio drama at its galvanising best.”  Daily Mail

“An extraordinarily taut piece of writing by John Dryden and the pace is faster than the deadly Red Eye virus. It should be made into a movie.”  Jane Anderson, Radio Times

“An almost unbearably suspenseful affair…” Gillian Reynolds, The Telegraph

Winner of the Writers Guild Award for Best Radio Drama Script

Recording PANDEMIC in London and Bangkok


Dr Jan Roldanus (BEN DANIELS) a microbiologist and WHO advisor on infectious diseases, arrives in Bangkok to give a keynote lecture at a medical conference. Whilst there, he is invited to observe the local authority’s handling of an outbreak of bird flu. But when a new virulent strain, “Red Eye”, emerges – causing bleeding eyes followed by death – he finds himself trapped in Thailand, unable to fly home to his wife and son. As the virus spreads at a terrifying pace, his investigations lead him to one inescapable and terrible conclusion…


Dr Jan Roldanus – Ben Daniels

Kanya – Sasapin Siriwanij

Dr Ahmai – Pawit Mahasarinand

Minister Laksan – Danai Thiangdham

Sumi – Jaturachai Srichanwanpen

Other parts:  Ellie Marleen, Ulli Schneider, Chanida Yasiri, Teerawat Mulvilai, Jarunun Phantachat, Ornanong Thaisriwong, Kosin Pomiam, Soontorn Meesri, Andrea Lowe and Marene Vanholk


Diane Harper (EMILY BEECHAM), a British civil servant, is sent to the Oxfordshire countryside to investigate the suicide of a government scientist. It is five years after a devastating pandemic that has wiped out half the world’s population. Diane’s young daughter died during the outbreak and she can’t get over it. When she discovers that the dead scientist had been briefing a journalist who has subsequently gone missing, she absconds from her job and embarks on a desperate search for the truth about the origins of the outbreak.


Diane – Emily Beecham

Mark – Keir Charles

Mary – Alison Steadman

Father John – Ian Hughes

Rebecca – Mia Jenkins

Amit – Munir Khairdin

Other parts: Paul Slack, Andrea Lowe and Charlie Morton

Part 3 - THE PAST

At a climate change conference in Copenhagen, a group of radical eco-warriors, led by Josh (MICHAEL MALONEY), attempt to discredit a right-wing Danish scientist, by luring him into a sex scandal. When it all goes wrong, Richard Frankel (PAUL FOX), one of the conspirators, gives up “direct action” and returns to his life in Leeds as a teacher. But when he discovers his co-conspirator and ex-girlfriend, has given birth to a child – a child he believes could be his – he goes in search of her. It’s a journey that takes him into a dangerous world of environmental espionage and a conspiracy that will have a terrible, cruel and profound impact on the world.


Richard – Paul Fox

Anna – Marene Vanholk

Josh – Michael Maloney

Tariq – Pushpinder Chani

Anna’s mum – Louis Jameson

Victor – Lars Arentz-Hansen

Other parts: Paul Slack, Charlie Morton, Andrea Lowe, Mia Jenkins, Munir Khairdin


Production credits:

Casting (UK) – Marilyn Johnson

Casting (Thailand) – Nadir Khan

Production Manager – Sarah Tombling

Publicity Image – Teresa Ferreira

Production Manager (Thailand) – Jarunan Phantachat

Sound Recordist – Ayush Ahuja

Sound Design – Steve Bond

Music – Sacha Putnam

Producer – Nadir Khan

Executive Producer – Gordon House

Written and directed by John Dryden

Recorded in London, UK and Bangkok, Thailand