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Recent Events at Collington House - title

Drama by Matthew Solon, starring Heather Craney and Neil D’Souza.

The new head teacher of a secondary school based in a Midlands town is eager to include and accommodate all faiths and cultures, given a large proportion of the students are from a Muslim community – but she finds herself at odds with one of the parent governors.

Part 1 – 20th March 2015, BBC Radio 4

Part 2 – 23rd ┬áMarch 2015, BBC Radio 4

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Roz Taylor – Heather Craney

Abdul Lateef Shah – Neil D’Souza

Jaffer n Sadiq – Sam Dastor

Folasade Olabode (Sade) – Tracy Ifeachor

John Roberts – Philip Jackson

Mrs Barlow – Becci Gemmell

Mr Noorani – Rez Kempton

Ashik Naseer – Michael Karim

Darren Barlow – Harry Kirton

PC Khan – Jaz Deol


Writer – Matthew Solon

Researcher – Eva Krysiak

Sound – Eloise Whitmore & Steve Bond

Music – Sacha Puttnam

Director – John Dryden

A Goldhawk Production for BBC Radio 4





  1. Lisa Brooks says:

    Caught the first episode when driving home earlier than I normally would and oh what luck! I had the radio on in the background, barely listening but within minutes I was completely involved with this play.

    I thought it was engaging, refreshing and thought provoking and have recommended others listen to it as I think it will encourage stimulating debate and consideration of angles perhaps ignored. I agree with Frank D’Souza, a refreshing (and in my case, preferred) contrast to print media’s protrayal of these issues.

  2. Susan Claire Smith says:

    Brilliant drama but I found it so depressing to think that maybe muslims & Christians or atheists cannot compromise & get along. Why can’t we agree to disagree? Any Truth of faith is personal not Absolute.

  3. Helen Burtt says:

    I remember hearing the first play and being very impressed and disquieted by its perception. I am not sure but assume the second play is written later as it refers to topical events of this year. Again very disquieting and raised a lot of important points without coming down hard on any particular view. Having heard the File on 4 presentation about how teachers are struggling and in the process some of them are ‘disappearing’, it made me wonder if Matthew Solon had based it on any or particular case studies that had been kept quiet. My sister works in a multi-cultural school and she found it a very possible scenariio. I have not been to this webpage before but had to say something about the play and on further exploration, to say thank you for the great number of productions that I was dimly aware of being Goldhawk’s work and that I have greatly enjoyed and admired in the past, look forward to many more in the future and any repeats of them, as they definitely bear listening to again. I have especially enjoyed the plays based in overseas settings and the hallmark vivid soundscapes which give great cinematic appeal to those with a strong visual bias like me, who nevertheless appreciates the pictures in my head created by your skilled creative technicians. Keep up the really great work.

  4. Frank D'Souza says:

    Brilliant Drama, certainly. But no less brilliant was the portrayal of starkly differing views, and notwithstanding those, the attempts of at least some to understand others. A refreshing contrast to the hysterical, black and white “reporting” of so much of our print media.

  5. I thought this was a brilliant piece of radio drama.

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