16th March 2012
BBC Radio 4

Corrupt ex-cop Marcelo (CHARLES PARAVENTI) has a pregnant teenager Liza (JULIA BERNAT) trapped in his apartment. Rafael (MATHEUS OLIVEIRA) an idealistic street-kid wants to rescue her and take her far away.

Set in one of Rio de Janeiro’s most crowded favelas, this ambitious ensemble drama by CHRIS THORPE is part love-story and part thriller revolving around a single day in the lives of a couple of thieves, a crooked policeman, a charity worker, a priest, a blind revolutionary and a pregnant teenager.

Recorded in Brazil it was made with the help of GreenGo Films and the Nós do Morro Theatre in Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro.


Luis – Julio Adrião

Sidney – Danilo Moraes

Fabricio – André Cursino,

Pastor John – Tatsu Carvalho,

Marcelo – Charles Paraventi

Luciano – Renan Monteiro

Angela – Olivia Emes

Rafael – Matheus Oliveira

Liza – Julia Bernat

Felipe – Fernando Arze,

Other parts – Tecca Ferreira


Casting – Ana Dias Carter & Estela Albani

Production Manager – Jazmin Castillo

Sound design – Steve Bond

Producer in Brazil – Jan Roldanus

Written by Chris Thorpe

Directed and produced by John Dryden

A Goldhawk Essential Production for BBC Radio 4.

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