School Drama

18th - 21st May 2016, BBC Radio 4

School Drama

Four-part drama with Tom Hollander and Sian Gibson

Deer Park Academy, a re-branded failing school, is working to turn itself around and inspire its students. But inspiration can be dangerous and when has-been TV star, Geoff Cathcart, is brought in to stage a production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, he opens a Pandora’s box of controversy.

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Geoff – Tom Hollander

Michelle – Sian Gibson

Headmaster – Tony Gardner

Gail – Heather Craney

Festival Administrator – Vincent Ebrahim

Tom – Rob Jarvis

Charlie – Divian Ladwa

Naia – Rebecca Emerton

Louie – Rory Greenwood

Ben – Rob Merriam

Ryan – Finn Elliot

School Secretary – Susie Baxter

Vehicle Manager – Angus Kennedy

Zoe – Floss Willcocks

All other parts played by students and teachers at Portsmouth Grammar School: Abby Moss, Poppy Goad, Thomas Locke, Joe McAuley, Freddie Fenton, Douglas James, Jay Pasricha, JM Hopkinson, Caleb Barron, Joe McCue

Writer – Andy Mulligan

Music – Jon Ouin

Sound – Steve Bond

Produceer – Emma Hearn

Director – John Dryden

A Goldhawk production for BBC Radio 4

Recording the song sequence from SCHOOL DRAMA Part 2 with Tom Hollander and the students




  1. Digby says:

    The play and production are fantastic. There are so may dimensions to listen to and absorb. Points that really get me are: Brilliant professional and amateur actors, adult and teenage protagonists, Shakespeare and 2017, superb music, societal political correctness and basic gut emotion, human weakness and human strength, selfishness and selflessness. Youth and energy wins in the end…after some casualties on the way.

  2. admin says:

    The music is by Jon Ouin and was specially commissioned for the series. Sadly not commercially available. Sorry.

  3. sarah pitchford says:

    this is brilliant…really loving it….i would love the piano music played it available

    thanks for this wonderful drama


  4. Ben says:

    I spent this afternoon listening to your drama. It made me cry and laugh at the same time. It is wonderful. Thank you

  5. Absolutely brilliant 3 part School Drama. @BBCRadio4 at its best. So moving. Can’t believe in my 66th year I’m sitting with tears rolling down my cheeks.

  6. Mark Topping says:

    Radio drama at its best

  7. Absolutely loved this today: School Drama, Episode 3

  8. Kate Taylor says:

    Impressive acting…

  9. Sitting in car unable to go to appointment emotional & riveted by School Drama WOW! Thank you Radio 4

  10. Jo Brodie says:

    This has been absolutely fantastic, really enjoying it :) I see that half of one of my twees has already made it here to the comments (fine by me) but the full thing says “Thoroughly enjoying the ‘School Drama’ play on BBC Radio 4 at the moment. It’s part fun school play, part very very dark. Brilliant :)


  11. Mark Topping says:

    School Drama, Episode 1 was brilliant. Very moving. So glad there are 3 more to come! Thanks

  12. Very well observed…Chuckled in recognition (as teacher and visitor to schools) all the way down the M6

  13. Listening to sublimely brilliant #SchoolDrama on @BBCRadio4 Compelling, moving, excellence. (I liked it a lot)

  14. Jo Brodie says:

    It’s part fun school play, part very very dark. Brilliant

  15. Lizi Patch says:

    Excellent. Beautifully written and acted. Moving and rings huge bells (I’ve directed in Secondary Schools)

  16. Wow! this is brilliant, best radio drama I’ve heard, beautiful

  17. I have just listened to the final part of School Drama – Romeo & Juliet. I felt I should write immediately to say it was absolutely breathtaking. There is nothing more I could add.

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