severed threads

14th-16th  May 2012
BBC Radio 4

When children are found working in a textile factory in India, three lives on three continents become entangled in a shocking heap of blackmail, revenge and murder…

A thriller from writer/director John Dryden.

Short-listed for the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Awards for Best Radio Drama.

Part 1 - God’s Clothing Firm 

When journalist Prem Sharma rescues a child working in a textile factory outside Delhi, seven thousand miles away in Minnesota, Jim Nostrand, born-again Christian and proprietor of a church-owned clothing firm, becomes the scapegoat. Meanwhile, in a private boarding school in England, troubled twelve-year-old Ben seems obsessed with school-shootings.

Part 2 - If Thy Hand Offend Thee

The tension cranks up as troubled schoolboy Ben attempts to uncover secrets surrounding his father’s death and Jim Nostrand, already under fire for the child-labour scandal, is blackmailed by a young man with a dark secret about his past. In India journalist Prem Sharma discovers that the boy he thought he had rescued, he has in fact put in mortal danger.

Part 3 - The Reckoning

In a climactic final episode the threads untangle as the three story-lines converge. Journalist Prem, wracked with guilt at his failure to help the Indian street boy, is drawn deeper into a dangerous world of exploitation and corruption as schoolboy Ben attempts to escape from his British boarding school and exact revenge on the man he believes killed his father. In the US, the pressures of blackmail and betrayal turn Jim’s unquestioning faith to murderous rage.


Jim – Brian d’Arcy James

Prem – Ameet Chana

Ben – Hugo Docking

In the UK:

Timms – Henry Goodman,  Fiona – Natasha Little,  Elgood – Francois Testory,  Jones – Gethin Anthony,  Psychologist – Kate Fitzgerald,  Travel Agent – Joanne Ferguson,  Heyward – Daniel Bridle,  Boy – Callum Francis

In the USA:

Ruth – Marsha Dietlein,  Faith – Amanda Scot Ellis,  Pastor McGiven – Tom Tammi,  Kyle – Matt Bennett,  Sheila – Janet Foster,  News Anchor / Barman – John Leonard Thompson, Billy – Jacob Knoll,  Harry – Craig Bockhorn,  Casey/Waitress – Felicity Jones,  Prison Priest – Miles Chapin,  Church Secretary – Kim Moarefi

In India:

Rahul – Ankur Vikal,  Amit –  Vijay Yadav,  Amit’s mother – Ayesha Raza,  Amit’s brother – Sagar Shinde,  Welfare Officers – Veruschka Menon, Pushan Kripalani,  Dr Khunna – Shaikh Sami Usman,  Factory Owner – Kenneth Desai,  Factory Workers – Rupa Kasbe, Jyoti Reddy, Shabana Sheikh, Rita John, Neeta Chavan, Eisy T. John, Pramod Yedke.


India Line Producer  -  Nadir Khan,  Assistant Director – Tasneem Fatehi,  India Sound  - Ayush Ahuja,  US Producer – David Rapkin,  US Line Producer – Kim Moarefi,  US Casting – Janet Foster,  US Sound - Frederick Greenhaigh,  UK Broadcast Assistant – Sarah Tombling, UK Production Assistant  - Lucy Howe,  UK Sound – Ayush Ahuja,  Executive Producer  - Gordon House,  Script Editor – Mike Walker

Music by Sacha Puttnam

Produced, Written and Directed by John Dryden

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