Tumanbay – Series 1

Major new drama series for BBC Radio 4

TUMANBAY city - with tagline

Tumanbay, the beating heart of a vast empire, is threatened by a rebellion in a far-off province and a mysterious force devouring the city from within.

Gregor (Rufus Wright), Master of the Palace Guard, is charged by Sultan Al-Ghuri (Raad Rawi) with the task of rooting out this insurgence and crushing it.

Epic saga inspired by the Mamluk slave-dynasty of Egypt.

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The Creater of Tumanbay on the radio drama’s same-sex kiss

Tumanbay: Radio Drama Director John Dryden on the BBC’s Epic Tumanbay


TUMANBAY Episode 1 – “A Head Start” by John Dryden

TUMANBAY Episode 2 – “Ship of the Dead” by John Dryden

TUMANBAY Episode 3 – “Coming of Age” by Mike Walker

TUMANBAY Episode 4 – “Hidden Knowledge” by Mike Walker

TUMANBAY Episode 5 – “Strangle Hold” by John Dryden

TUMANBAY Episode 6 – “In The Beginning” by Mike Walker

TUMANBAY Episode 7 – “A Tale of Two Cities” by Mike Walker

TUMANBAY Episode 8 – “The Purge” by John Dryden

TUMANBAY Episode 9 – “Jaws of Victory” by Mike Walker

TUMANBAY Episode 10 – “Sword of Faith” by John Dryden



Gregor – Rufus Wright

Heaven – Olivia Popica

Wolf – Alexander Siddig

Cadali – Matthew Marsh

Sarah – Nina Yndis

Ibn – Nabil Elouahabi

Envoy – Nadir Khan

Shajar – Sarah Beck Mather

Madu – Danny Ashok

Daniel – Gareth Kennerley

Slave – Akin Gazi

Al-Ghuri – Raad Rawi

Qulan – Christopher Fulford

Physician – Vivek Madan

The Hafiz – Antony Bunsee

Bello – Albert Welling

Boy – Darwin Brokenbro

Manel – Aiysha Hart

Frog – Deeivya Meir

Ila & Pamira – Nathalie Armin

Shamsi – Laure Stockley

Frog’s Mother – Sirine Saba

Rajik – Akbar Kurtha

Hameed Brothers – Christian Hillborg and Alec Utgoff

Provincial Governor – Stefano Braschi

Grassic – John Sessions

Dona Ana – Annabelle Dowler

Pesha – Sky Yang


Music – Sacha Putnam

Sound Design – Steve Bond, Jon Ouin

Editors – Ania Przygoda, James Morgan

Production Assistants – Ella Saunders, Olivia Johnson

Casting Director: Marilyn Johnson

Casting Assistants: Marta Noguera, Raj Ghatak

Researcher: Eva Kryslak

Producers – Emma Hearn, Nadir Khan, John Dryden

Written by John Dryden and Mike Walker

Director – John Dryden

A Goldhawk Production for BBC Radio 4







  1. Nigel Deacon says:

    Excellent drama; superb, absorbing production. Have listened to all of it twice.

  2. Richard says:

    A panoramic drama that is sufficiently grounded not to feel contrived and yet otherworldly enough to capture the imagination. I am sure I will find myself listening to this again and again for future inspiration, thank you!

  3. InspectorTzam says:

    I’m loving Tumanbay! I’ve been dreaming for years of an audio drama this good. It’ll tide me over until a new season of “Game of Thrones.”

  4. Bealtemaniac says:

    Great show! Had no problem following the different storylines for each character once they got going. The production value is great and the plot is entertaining. The show has well shaped characters for the most part and with very few exceptions the dialogue is believable. You do have to pay close attention in the first episode though or you will not remember who’s who in the second and third episodes. All in all Tumanbay is a great podcast and audio drama, really under appreciated for what it is.

  5. rAnd0mn3ss says:

    I really love the story, the pacing, the characters I need more of this series.

  6. improziv says:

    Everything about this moden Audio Drama is a Class Act – from the writing, the directing, the production, sound etc. Fresh idea of a story from a place and time in the world most westerners know nothing about. Great story and execution!

  7. IvanDenisovich says:

    This is hands down the best audio drama I’ve listened to. Both the story and the production were stellar. I’m excited to see what the team behind this creates next.

  8. Alexxg5 says:

    This is an amazing drama, paragon of excellence in story

  9. Sukes34 says:

    As an avid audio drama fan I find this podcast as simply the best. Great production and storyline. Greatly done.

  10. Mark s Jewett says:

    Its a shame there isnt more exposure for this series. Any chance of a sequel?

  11. David says:

    Just finished episode 3 and I am absolutely enjoying it! Great story, great acting, and great pace. I will update when I finish. This is a definite must listen!

  12. Klaus says:

    Awesome. Please: Have there be a season 2. and 3…
    Great job you all have done! Totally absorbing. Congratulations!!

  13. Brian Moore says:

    Awesome! More please… more Tumanbay, may the saga continue, I’m sure there can be plenty of spin-offs.

  14. Mark Pearson says:

    Tumanbay sets the bar for radio drama. Absolutely spellbinding. I played every episode at least twice in order to catch all the plot twists. Superbly written, acted and produced. Congratulations to all concerned.

  15. Dean du Plessis says:

    Absolutely brilliant radio drama.
    When can we expect another Goldhawk production?
    Brilliant acting.

  16. admin says:

    Thanks Tekin, your comments are much appreciated. John

  17. admin says:

    Thanks Mark. Your comments are much appreciated. John

  18. Mark Topping says:

    This is great radio drama! Congratulations all! I listened to episodes 1-9 on a long coach journey. Totally absorbing. Extremely vivid – I could see those arrows raining down! I look forward to episode 10. Thank you!

  19. tekin ünal says:

    tumanbay is the best drama i have listenend to so far all those who are acting are suberb

    i thought im in tumanbay

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