Undercover Mumbai

9th-14th September 2013 – BBC Radio 4

Undercover Mumbai

Stripped across the entire week and culminating in an hour-long Saturday drama, this fast-paced,  police thriller follows Alia Khan, a young woman inspector in the Bandra Division of the Mumbai Police Force, as she attempts to solve a series of crimes, make sense of her troubled past and cope with being a woman in a male dominated and chauvinistic police force.

Written by Ayeesha Menon and directed by John Dryden.

Episode 1 of 6: GUTTER BABY 10.45, Mon 9th September

When a baby is rescued from a gutter, it falls on the only female police officer on hand, Alia Khan to look after it.  Stuck with a new partner, and a boss who is determined to put her in her place, Alia has to fight to be noticed.

Episode 2 of 6: WHAT’S COOKING? 10.45, Tue 10th September

The search for a missing husband leads Police Inspector Alia Khan to the Tandoori restaurant where he was last seen.

Episode 3 of 6: BODY OF CHRIST 10.45, Wed 11th September 

The body of a young girl is washed up on Juhu beach. A tattoo on her ankle leads police inspector Alia Khan on the trail of a child prostitution ring.

Episode 4 of 6: MAD WOMEN 10.45, Thu 12th September

Police Inspector Alia Khan investigates a psychiatric hospital where women are admitted but never seem to come out.

Episode 5 of 6: FIVE-STAR DEATH 10.45, Fri 13th September

A dead glamour model in a five-star hotel leads Police inspector Alia Khan on the trail of Bollywood’s leading heart-throb.

Episode 6 of 6: ONE LAST SACRIFICE 14.30, Sat 14th September

As India’s general elections draw near, and the world’s largest democracy decides its future, A murder and a political scandal leads Police Inspector Alia Khan to unravelling the truth about her policeman father’s death. A climactic hour-long final episode of the police detective serial set in Mumbai.


Alia – Prerna Chawla, Nakul – Anand Tiwari, Inspector Desai – Rajit Kapur, Mrs Gomes – Radhika Mittal, Popo – Rohit Malkani, Alia’s father – Zafar Karachiwala, Vikram Naresh – Darius Shroff, Commissioner Kripalani – Jayant Kripalani

Other parts: Karan Pandit, Faezeh Jalali, Anahita Oberoi, Devika Shahani-Punjabi, Sohrab Ardeshir, Kenny Desai, Nadir Khan, Vivek Madan, Ayeesha Menon, Ankur Vikal


Sound Recordist – Hitesh Chaurasia, Sound Design – Steve Bond, Editing Assistants – Andrew Lewis & Aditya Khanna, Script Editor – Mike Walker, Assistant Producer – Toral Shah, Producer – Nadir Khan, Music – Sacha Putnam., Writer – Ayeesha Menon, Director – John Dryden



  1. Elena de la Peña says:

    Just heard this show last night on the BBC and was completely engaged. I hope there will be repeat broadcasts online.

  2. Harmon Schelling says:

    this is an excellent show all the way from the writing to the production, bravo to all involved!

  3. Vivienne Cullingworth says:

    Just loved this and heard it on the BBC Omnibus. Looking forward to the next batch. Please please can you tell me the music at 29minutes (on the Omnibus) playing behind the Political Advertisement. The drumming was amazing and I want it! If this isn’t possible would you be able to provide me the name of this type of rhythm or drumming or whatever so I can track down something similar.

    Yours in hope!

  4. chrissmith says:

    more of this on the BBC, please. It felt extremely authentic, and was quite gripping, while providing fascinating cultural insights

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